The Wisdom in Wisdom.

Proverbs 3:13-26.  The value of wisdom is virtually inestimable – “more profitable than silver, … better than gold, … more precious than rubies.”   It has promise and protection inherent – “offering long life, … and riches and honor.”   In fact Solomon goes as far to say, and this would not have fallen on ignorant or deaf ears, that wisdom, ‘she,’ is a ‘tree of life.’  Not ‘the’ tree of life, but something of value approaching the same.  A tree is something extrinsic to us – we have to go to it to get its fruit.  It is the same with wisdom – we have to go to it to get its fruit.

He uses the terms, “finds, embrace (her) and hold (her) tightly.”

Which leads to the next thought, as they are specifically physical terms.  If you are going to have an affair, as Solomon warns of in Proverbs 2:16-22 and Proverbs 5, then make it with wisdom – “her.”  She is juxtaposed to the other ‘she’ who does everything that is the corrupted opposite of what wisdom brings.  Wisdom takes time to gain, and it isn’t always immediate in benefit but its end is always good.  Adultery takes no time, feels good at the time but is never good in the end.

And if we need any more encouragement about the application and gaining of wisdom then Solomon describes wisdom as founding the earth, creating it.   If something was involved in the primary causes of this universe it seems reasonable to assume it is something of necessary value for us who live in that creation.

He then appeals to not losing “sight of common sense and discernment.”  Common sense according to C.S. Lewis, and this in the 1940’s, isn’t so common anymore.  We have mocked common sense as though it were an inferior concept/virtue.  Even the thought of virtue gets some going with vitriolic invective.  They lack common sense.



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