About Us

Simon and Valerie McIntyre have a wealth of experience from church life and the corporate world to bring to their leadership and vision for C3 London.

Simon was at the inception of the C3 movement of contemporary churches, working alongside Ps. Phil Pringle for thirty years (from day one) at C3 Oxford Falls, Sydney Australia.  In this time, he has played a pivotal role in the growth of this church, and the movement of churches Phil Pringle leads.

In the last four years Simon led C3 Silverwater, a growing multicultural campus church of C3 Oxford Falls.  He loved it.

Simon has been variously described as the poet/philosopher of C3, sometimes unnerving and always invigorating in his presentation, seldom boring, thought provoking, fun, occasionally alarming and a shameless aficionado of the local church.  He reads and writes, pastors, leads, flies an aerobatic plane, and is very particular about his coffee – all this, and a grandfather – 5 and counting.

Valerie, who hails from New York, has spent the last twenty years creating high impact communications campaigns and revenue streams for clients that range from prestigious cultural organizations to global lifestyle brands.  She worked for several of the city’s top public relations firms before heading up an in-house communications division for Toth Brand Imaging.

Valerie founded Brand Building Communications in January 2007 in NYC and launched her LA office in 2008. In addition to pioneering WOM practice, she created a community-based news platform, 24Savvy.

Valerie is a very gifted communicator and writer.  She is a great inspiration to woman, particularly in the business world  – she gets it.  Valerie has been a member of C3 Manhattan for the last 9 years, in this time she has been vitally involved in church life: in Pathfinders, as a connect group leader and discipler of woman. She loves people, big cities and London.

She is currently a Board Member of ‘charity:water’– an influential NGO providing water for communities throughout the world.

“We love meeting new people and look forward to the privilege of connection with you at C3 London.”  Ps Simon and Valerie McIntyre.


One response to “About Us

  • James (Jim ) Newton

    Hi Simon.

    I was in London in June, while touring the UK.. Thoughly loved it there.

    Hope all goes well,

    For all the good memories and times.

    Jim Newton(James Newton)

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