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Movies, Messages and Horses.

Interstellar’ is a thumping good movie, filled with big movie magic. It has blockbuster qualities, CGI to die for, great actors, and an unexpected resolution –  all making for a memorable few hours.

What it also does is to play with your hopes, maybe most people’s hopes, of someone or something being ‘out there.’ And it appears as if there might be, until (movie spoiling moment if you haven’t seen the movie) it turns out to be us that is/was/will be ‘out there.’

It seems as if the only person/s ‘out there’ is/are actually us, having already been ‘back here‘ before we got ‘out there.’ Confused? So was I, but then what wasn’t confusing was the clear implication that we are all there is, and we are the progenitors of our own salvation.

Movies are messages.  We are subjected to the hopes and philosophic aspirations of the director, or financing body, or the script writer.  Their messages are clear.  We aren’t subject to moral authority.  Personal choice is the new religion, and mankind can save him/herself.

Now the latter is unlikely, given that history is a clear defense of our own complete inability to save much more than endangered frogs. Even then?

And this aside from the dubious idea that we could fly over and into an ‘event horizon’ and live, not coming back thinner than a piece of paper and as heavy as boxes of books.

However that is the magic of movies – you can say something we are all meant to believe whilst using what is neither likely nor possible – something we don’t have to, nor are likely to, believe.

We are still building Trojan Horses, and the citizens are still wheeling them into the city.


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