If Church is a Hobby, Faith is Negotiable

 Community, the community of God’s people, His church, is the wellspring of Christ like behaviour – of morality and integrity. If we are in the habit, ‘as some,’ of treating church as an option it won’t be long before we start treating our ethical commitments as options as well. And so the story goes …

Compromise in one thing has the tragic corollary of compromise in others.

The very reason for connecting and clinging, yes clinging, to God’s people, His church, is that it empowers and strengthens resolve in us to live a different life, a better life – your best life. You simply can’t do it on your own, and whenever we attempt to, it invariably ends in tears.

Morality and integrity are caught in connection, as are immorality and a lack of integrity. Your community will determine your commitment. Which, in effect, means your commitment to your community will have a determinative affect on your lifestyle. We aren’t better than this equation, nor were we ever meant to be.

Go to church and go to heaven.



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One response to “If Church is a Hobby, Faith is Negotiable

  • Sarah

    Thanks Ps Simon for this fantastic insight and, I believe, word in season. I am no scholar or Theologian and have so far preached only twice in my own church, but the more recent one was on this exact subject. Church community is not just a nice club designed to make you feel like you belong somewhere! I warned our church that if this is how you view church, sooner or later we would offend, hurt or let them down one way or another, so they better find a better reason for coming along! I am very encouraged by your words and also your suggested answers to solving this tricky dilemma that leaders in modern churches find ourselves in.

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