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I Resolve To …

I don’t make New Years resolutions, for no other reason than I don’t think life is different from Dec 31st to Jan 1st.  Of course it could be if I made New Year’s resolutions.

A resolve to do something springs from a necessity, a vision, or guilt and mild panic.

If you decide to change based on guilt it is likely to increase your guilt quotient when you fail in your resolution.  (You have to allow failure to succeed)  Diets are infamous for increasing guilt, which leads to eating which leads to guilt … Besides which eating less is not the best way of looking at eating less.  It requires much more than simply locking the fridge or running past McDonalds/Burger King.  Engage in activity that isn’t couch bound, exercising in ways best for you – group sports, walking, whatever.  In other words doing things and not just not doing things.

Resolution based on a vision, something grander than mere survival, has more chance of carrying us through detoxing – what ever it is that we need to not do.  A larger purpose is more likely to inspire the kind of choices that make changes, that increase our fruitfulness, and that have the kickback of a greater sense of integration and joy.

So I resolve to … (fill in the spaces).



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