More Questions

More questions?  Always more questions!  Children ask their parents things easy to explain and things inexplicable.  And we don’t really mind as inquisitiveness is both natural and needed.  If they don’t ask they won’t know.  No parent should ever treat their questions as ‘non-sense’ or ‘never to be asked.’  Unless of course they are questions that are mere nonsense, or questions that should never be asked.

In Matthew 20 Jesus was approached by the mother of John and James, requesting they get places of honour, privilege and power at his right hand in the coming Kingdom.

Same chapter – Jesus was approached by a couple of rowdy beggars wanting desperately to see – being blind.  Strangely, or not so, the same disciples that wanted something from him refused others a chance at getting what they wanted.

Maybe the former (the disciples) should have known better, maybe the latter (the two blind men) didn’t know any better.  The latter had their request fulfilled, the former – maybe? but with caveats that looked as good as a refusal, for all practical purposes.

Questions are loaded.  They come from different sources and motivations.  In this case, the beggars from simple pressing need, but the disciples from a place of the need for power – the very thing Jesus was at pains to explain to them was the last thing they should be asking, besides which, he stated, such requests are the prerogative and private domain of the Father –  in other words, ‘you asked the wrong person’ – precisely because the request was corrupt to start with.

And one last thought.   Questions should be able to be asked.  It is a reasonable right that we can ask.  So we do.  And that is exactly where our problems begin (sometimes).  Why, how?  It appears that the person asking is in many cases wanting and assuming, and therefore not really asking.  If I ask I can be refused. That is the nature of the ask.  But not so for many people.  They can’t take no for an answer and they make the person who gives it feel as if they have just ruined the life of the one asking.  We need to be consistent. We have a right to ask and the person so asked has the right of refusal with out being accosted with petulance and emoted disappointment.  It is a mature soul who can take a NO.

Think before you ask.  You might not ask, or you may.  Just depends.





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