Whose Fault is it Anyway?

National Debt – A European, nay, Western Pastime.

Whose fault is it, or is that even the right question?  We were in Spain recently, Barcelona, and it got me thinking.  Apparently their debt is simply awful in its magnitude, and unlikely to be paid by the best of Catalonia intentions.  So who is going to pay the bill?

If I approach a man in the street, something I didn’t do, and ask him how he is going to help the answer is likely a blank stare – at best.  Other options are probable.  More likely he will blame an overspending government, who will in turn blame a demanding electorate/public.  Not much luck there.

It is actually impossible for an individual to pay the debt, and even if they got generous with their pay, donating it all to the national debt, it wouldn’t appear on the radar as anything of significance.  I doubt it could even be considered a token.   A token is something you can see.

If you asked the community to take collective responsibility it is equally unlikely that you will dent the debt.  Why?

We are so used to thinking individually that taking collective responsibility will always be something ‘every one else’ should do.  And yet this is part of the answer –  thinking like communities that have to sacrifice and work together in a way that the whole is seen as more holy than the parts.

‘We’ isn’t just lots of ‘me’s’ – its much more.  It is a community that realises in its unified being/centre that action is greater than what one can do, and more than we can allow one not to do.  But this is either legislated (the poor option) or volunteered (the impossible option –  almost).

The way out is not like the way in – spending, demanding and acquiring.  It requires an agreement of soul before it ever becomes an agreement of action.  And it means less of me and more of us.  This may be too much for us!

Who  is going to start?  Whose fault is it anyway?


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