More is More; less is less.

Matthew 13:12“For to the one who has, more will be given, and he will have an abundance, but from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away.”

This is one of those pithy observations of Jesus, that he typically prefaced with, “For.”  These statements can and do refer to anyone, anywhere, at anytime.  They aren’t strictly speaking scriptures as in being taken/quoted from the Old Testament, but they are now considered scripture because of who articulated them – Jesus.

And these axioms are often surprising by implication, as is this one.

The concept of moral/ethical neutrality doesn’t exist in Jesus’ frame of reference.  If you have you get more, and if you don’t have, even the little you do have will be taken, and often given to another.  No neutrality here.  The one who produces  will create capacity and opportunity that inevitable leads to ‘abundance.’  The one who doesn’t produce, or initiate, is equally likely to end up with even less.  You can’t sit and expect – life doesn’t work like that, despite the protestations of those who would like it to.

A sentiment exists in this world that those who do ‘have’ should have it taken off them, and those who don’t have, should have it given to them.  This sounds like enforced Marxism, which isn’t recommended by Jesus.  Helping others yes; impoverishing or depleting some to do it, no!

Jesus is working from the concept of reward for what you do, and the opposite if you don’t.  Laziness isn’t propped up by him, and neither is greed of course.  But there is no sense in this statement of Jesus that ‘having’ is inherently wrong – quite the opposite.  Not ‘having’ is the problem.

More creates more and less, less.   (More or less)


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