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Hot Tempers and Cool Heads

Wise people are cautious in what they say and what they do.  But people with short tempers are unconsidered in what they say and what they do.

Reaction, especially verbal reaction, is nearly always regretted.  If we were pure our reactions would be so, but we aren’t so they aren’t either.  But our humanity can be controlled/disciplined and consideration can enter our communications.  Short-tempered people are usually short in their appreciation of their own humanity as well.  They don’t consider before acting because they don’t see the value of considering in the first place.  That is their foolishness.

Controlling our anger, and angry we all get, is understanding outcome/s.  It takes a cool head to consider that the outcome of anger is seldom of any value, and this when we are angry. When you are angry you are best to walk away from a situation, or not do what your reactions were hoping to inspire in you – firing a verbal blast across the bows of the unsuspecting.   Hot tempers are foolish in that they create tensions, wars, broken relationships, lack of respect, fear, etc.  So a wise person can stop and evaluate before acting – that is their wisdom, whereas a foolish person doesn’t stop to consider what is the likely result of their temper flares.

When an altercation arrives the person with wisdom speaks in a voice that de-escalates the tone of conversation/confrontation.  They speak with a gentle and softer voice. This can rein in the violence in the words of others as verbal violence escalates into physical violence.  Harsh words flare tempers.  An argument can quickly turn into a fight.  If we wish a situation to get out of control we only need response in like to harsh or offensive words.  But if we wish to calm a situation, to the best of our ability, we will need to speak with calm and reason.  This is counter-intuitive.


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