Nope. This is not a message on giving. It’s a turn of phrase that I use when I know I need to take my own advice… I recently spoke at the unflappable, always beautiful Jenny Gilpin’s conference in the UK. I was asked to speak on a subject that I have some experience in – being single. Married at 47, no sense that it would ever happen, yes, I can speak to this phenomenon with passion. My main message: live the life you want to have NOW. Don’t wait for your significant other because you already have a number one man. He’s right there, ladies. And he loves you. But this blog entry isn’t about living a great single life, either. It’s about the concept that there is always great opposition before a breakthrough. I used this phrase in my talk to the incredible ladies at the conference, and I meant it. Interestingly, I too am sitting on the other side of breakthrough for something in my life, and I too need this message. So here’s what I’m telling myself today:


  • When you feel disappointed or let down, no matter what, hope is always standing right beside you. Trouble is, you can’t see it, but hope is there. Remember: “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”
  • When Daniel prayed the angel Michael took some time getting to him – not because he wasn’t coming, he responded immediately to Daniel’s prayer. But even angels meet opposition. He did make it through though, just in time!
  • Don’t be religious about it, but probably best to keep negativity out of your mouth. Find a scripture that really speaks to you and meditate on it. Let it take the place of your words of disappointment, despair, anger or fear. And if you do slip into negative talk, don’t give yourself a hard time, just speak hope and keep on moving.
  • Keep God BIG, where he belongs. We all need a big God. We need to know in our heart that we are connected, committed and confirmed to spend eternity with the One who created all things. When you’re in trouble lift your eyes up from your fear, like David, and look to the mountain – your help comes from the maker of heaven, the creator of the earth. It’s big and it’s real.


If you’re struggling with something and you feel like giving up, HOLD ON. Hold onto your hope. Hold onto the promises of God. Put God’s words in your mouth. Breakthrough is on the way!

Valerie McIntyre.



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