Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

Proverbs 3:5-6.  Trust is an active quality of life and faith.  It isn’t a passive quality.  It is found/realized in the process of doing.  “Seek his will in all you do.”  Some people think of ‘trust’ as not doing anything, and waiting for answers, guidance or miracles.  But Solomon will have none of this as he sees trust is something we do on the run.  If we are doing something we have something to trust God about.  If we are doing nothing we are not trusting, we are only doing nothing.   We have no reason to trust.

Trust is something I have in God when I am committed to a course of action.  Trust is that he will guide and help us on the path, on the journey, in the process.  God isn’t our excuse for a lack of activity and risk.  He will not do what we must do, can do, should do.

‘He will show you which path to take.”  We find this out when we are walking – not when we are sitting, pontificating.

Doing gives us reason to trust.  Being committed to a course of action is when we can trust.

Do something and then trust, expecting God to guide your momentum to the right or to the left, straight ahead or turning around.  You’ll never know until you go.



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