Western Youth have prescience, energy and their parent’s money to fund their protests.  But before you think this too cynical, it is often their voice that ends up prophetic, speaking into current social trends – trends that can be destructive.  They may not have all the answers but they are asking some of the right questions.  They think things can and should be changed.  I like that.


Their voice is as yet unencumbered by some of the pragmatic realities of those who have to work, raise families and make reasonable compromises as regards their earlier idealism.  But without their voice, their passions and angers, things are less likely to change.  Most revolutionaries are, or at least were, young. It doesn’t always make them right but when they get it right it is well and right they did.


They are also reactionary but sometimes reaction corrects ‘out of kilter’ action.  If we left everything to them there would be little left, but it we don’t listen to them there may be even less left.


Their current bout of protests is about something that matters –  money, and we all know money matters.  Capitalism is presently being eroded (I should say undermined) by those who are its benefactors.  And the frightening alternative is a return to statist socialism that is apparently gaining some ground in the think tanks of the future – our universities.  It is being suggested that Marxism collapsed more because of ‘application issues’ than the, utterly dehumanizing, nature of it.

What an absurdity!  Human nature alone will always predict communism to collapse as it robs the vital and sustaining characteristics of hard work, ingenuity and productivity.   Once that is suppressed all you have left are its poor cousins  – corruption, elitist power, a bleak and grey existence and little to no food.

(A broken capitalism is better than a robust socialism, especially as practiced by the former USSR, North Korea and other failed or fading states.)


But, back to the streets and the steps.  Even though they protest the capitalism that affords them education, liberty and free speech, their protest is not without merit.  The stunning and unbridled greed of banks, governments and those who know better (should know better) virtually beggars belief.  Any voice crying in the wilderness has been systematically shut down or ‘better’ still openly ridiculed by the experts who failed to see the writing on the wall ‘of weighed, weighed and found wanting.’


If the mistakes made were mere ineptitude these people should have been thrown out of their profession, which professes to know what it failed to acknowledge.  If the massive, titanic, collapses were devised deliberately our courts, nay our jails, should be full.

These men have without care of implication ruined the future of millions of less adventurous souls, people who, naively as it turns out, believed banks and the financial institutions that cling remora like to them were safe places – as safe as shark infested reefs.

Mammon is alive and well, as much as a cancer is alive and well.  It’s greedy tentacles wrap and strangle the life out of normal fiscal responsibility and profit, yes profit.  Normal cells of ‘profit and risk’ have gone rampaging malignant, metastasizing thru the body corporate.


I suspect we will look back on this juncture in history ‘a gasp’ at the shameless audacity of people that kept on getting away with it, and, if you can believe it, rewarded. Still are!


And it must be remembered that legislation won’t do what only a change of attitude can produce.  But I imagine that this is only the result of deep problematic recessions that knock the senselessness of the accumulation and the worship of money out of us.  I hope not, naturally – for recession that is, I don’t like getting knocked around.


We demand that we have progressed beyond the primitives who lay prostrate at the feet of bizarre idols.  But we haven’t.  Grown men and women are still bowing to senseless, voiceless idols of our own making.  Mammon has made a glittering come back, and we are at its mercy, which is a great pity as it is merciless.



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2 responses to “Mammon

  • Jenna J

    Powerfully worded post and impacting in many ways. I think alot lately about the trepidation of the next generation, in light of the global financial situation….. and the temptation to even consider socialism (in any altered way) as an anecdote to a dysmorphed capitalism is just plain crazy. I do doubt though this generation in the developed west with their (dare I say) sense of entitlement, over mediated consumerist reality would find it easy to pursue self-denial – unless forced – but I certainly understand the outrage at the financial corporate criminals who’s brazen thievery and greed has cast a dark pall on their futures. I worry about my own ( young adult) kids in this light… such a thought provoking and well written article. I appreciate your contributions . God bless you and your lovely wife. Keep up the good work.

  • Richard Kay

    Hi Simon, Im a Kiwi missionary in Tanzania. In reading your post on Mam-mon it certainly is a reality that the enemy has unrestricted access to many (young) peoples mindsets and idelogies who do not know their left hand from their right!. Infact so many have little or no Christian judeo ethic aboard these days to discern the basics of truth and personal freedom with integrity. They fall for the trap of that old serpents lie, Mr mam-mon and his mind bending schemes of generational bondage. We certainly need a season of divine increase across the planet in 2012.

    Interestingly, Tanzania received its independance around the same time as Kenya in the sixties. Now 50 years on, the ignorant state of the national socialist mindset in Tanzania remains entrenched in crippled thinking compared to free spirited and informed Kenyans. A land border away yet a millenia of immaturity restricts them from being equal or independant in thought, edcucation and creativity. Democracy delivered free thinking to Kenyans while socialism enslaved Tanzanian’s. ( old tribal roots die hard!)
    This Mam-mon stronghold is alive and taking greater grip in Africa today especially at government level! Mam-mon thrives in a culture of poverty!
    As 300 million cell phones in the rest of Africa have completely bypassed copper – we pray present truth Kingdom realities empower people to bypass controlled religion, a culture of corruption and substandard education in Tanzania.

    Blessings my friend. RK

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