Tithing and Generosity

Tithing and Generosity



Tithing has engendered many an unhealthy argument; unhealthy in that the point is missed in the argument.  But still people rage and tremble.

The Old Testament law of tithing, and a law it certainly was, hasn’t been superseded with a discount.  On the contrary and easily ‘argued,’ the teaching of Jesus assumes the tithe and goes beyond it – it goes beyond it in the attitude of the giver and in the action of the giver.

Jesus doesn’t so much teach tithing as generosity.  He speaks of giving things away that are accrued and unnecessary in a manner that to the most dim witted amongst us can hardly be construed as anything less than, giving more than a tithe.

Generosity doesn’t argue the case for or against tithing.  It gets on with the attitude and spirit of Christ whilst others squabble over law and grace, OT and NT, in ways neither helpful nor particularly generous.

In fact, and well stated by someone, tithing is ‘training wheels’ for the art of giving.  And an art it is, as it requires all of your attitudinal finesse.

And it is striking that most, not all but most, opponents of tithing don’t even go far as the tithe, which strangely points more to their greed and lack of faith than to a case for the abolishing of tithing.   They huff and fume about biblical correctness, which itself seems to spawn the same sort of intolerance that political correctness glosses over.  Their attempt at denying the place and value of tithing doesn’t help anyone, much less their cause.

Even if someone persuasively, passionately and Biblically could mount a case against tithing being applicable, it would make little difference to the attitude Jesus was at pains to secure, nor to our desire to be generous – we would still give more than the tithe anyway.

If you are going to argue against tithing, and why would you, make sure you are at least tithing or you will be the one stuck in the OT.


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One response to “Tithing and Generosity

  • geoffecooper

    Love Simon’s article on tithing, The Christian life is akin to swimming upstream so much easier to be carried downstream with the flow of life you end up in a quiet somewhat stagnant pond where no body asks you difficult questions and very little is required of you. In swimming upstream you build up your “press on” and perservere muscles, love what Simon said about Tithing being like training wheels, Tithing builds up our giving muscles not something we have to do to please God so much as something we need to do to keep ourselves working properly

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